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3 phases of Touch

There are three phases to consider in relation to the subject of touch.
1) The Intention to Touch
Before we touch someone, we should try and notice that first impulse to touch. What is your intention? to give or receive pleasure or perhaps a combination of both. What is your purpose? Are there verbal or non verball queues to support…   Continue reading

Are you man enough?

Are you man enough to lie naked with another and open yourself to the vulnerability of awakening to the sensations, impulses and signals of your body - in the context of your erotic process and the ways you engage in sex.

My work is about providing a safe space to develop awareness, face hidden truths, breath through fears and…   Continue reading

Creating Sacred Space

This work is founded on creating sacred space in which to explore your erotic process. Whatever you may choose to say or do or express will take place in a context which honours every aspect of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual unfolding.

Shamanic Erotic Experience

S hamanic E rotic E xperience

Seeing Beyond Sight
Believing Beyond Dogma
Knowing Beyond the Mind

Drumbeat meets Heartbeat meets Breathwork to Light the Fire of Arousal and the Rhythm of Eros to access the Lifeforce and pulsate the ancient lineage of wisdom lying dormant in your body.
To connect with nature and your natural…   Continue reading

Why should straight guys work with a male erotic practitioner?

Why should straight guys work with a male erotic practitioner?

If you work with a woman, you are likely to step into many of the habitual ways in which you engage erotically. They are hard-wried into your psyche. By working with another guy, you are stepping out of your habitual patterns. You realise that you have a mature view of your…   Continue reading

Learning Intention

Learning Intention: This is a focal area of curiosity and interest, that we would distil in our initial conversation. This provides us with a framework from which to engage in our erotic practise - and hopefully a marker for specific improvements or developments in relation to your erotic vitality.

Reslient Edge of Resistance

This work leads us towards the resilient edge of resistance which generally includes a measure of discomfort. I advocate developing a willingness to sit in the fire and be uncomfortable from time to time, over the pursuit of happiness….or are they the same thing.

Wheel of Consent

This is a long video - I think there may be shorter versions - But this is a breakthrough in expanding our ways of negotiating touch - which means negotiating pleasure, satisfaction and fulfilment. Sometimes you may need coaching, especially if in an established relationship with its patterns of behaviour - but it can revolutionise your…   Continue reading

Relating Trance & Role

One of my teachers proposes that there are three aspects to our experiencing sex or erotic process.
1. Relating - e.g. looking lovingly in their eyes a la Kama Sutra
2. Trance - e.g. I just love that feeling when I got lost in my own process while we are having sex
3. Role - the hardest to get a handle on as it may be about more…   Continue reading


Intimacy: In my work, I enter into intimate relationship with my clients. We are dealing with touch, connection, sensation. However, it is a therapeutic alliance. My role is to support your development. It is a delicate balance. We all come to these situations, with a range of thoughts and expectations. I work is to develop awareness…   Continue reading

The Jewish Talmud and Sex

In the Talmud, R. Chanina remarked, “I have learned much from my teachers, more from my colleagues, and the most from my students” (Ta’anis 7a).
Today a client realised that he had used the notion of “passion” to disguise his tendency to be quick. He learnt how much pleasure there is in slowing things down….and breathing. It made me…   Continue reading

DeMystifying Tantra

DeMystifying Tantra:
When people think of Tantra, they often think of having sex with some hot dudes who takes them on an erotic journey that is “amazing”. While Tantra can invite us into amazing experience, my work focuses on teaching you the mechanisms by which you can navigate your own process in the direction of amazing. The…   Continue reading

Embodiment Breathwork and Awareness

The starting point of my work is that you come with a desire to learn something about your erotic process. And that means more than simply wanting pleasure sensations, that you have ever wanted. It means wanting to understand your own body and how it experiences pleasure and what is really wants, in order to feel deep satisfying,…   Continue reading

Sexy over Sixty

Sexy over SIxty: Many folk who are fortunate to reach 60 - also realise that their erotic processes have significantly diminished. While Freud suggested this was inevitable, Masters & Johnson proposed au contraire - that it is possible and desireable to maintain a healthy sex life through into old age. However, it remains true that the…   Continue reading

Men Power & Control

We know what we know - and We know what we don’t know - but We don’t know, what we don’t know.
One of the things many men don’t understand is that menfolk have been programmed and culturally oriented towards two strong tendencies - Being in Control and Fixing Things. If men are not in control, then we are often working towards that…   Continue reading

Embodied Bodywork

Touch, Breathwork and Awareness enhance your full body massage, so that you can feel relaxed vitality, coupled with a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. This practise encourages you to remain involved in the massage experience, with breathwork techniques and awareness practises that can really make a difference - both on the…   Continue reading