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Straight & Curious Guys

A message for straight guys: When you seek to develop your erotic landscape within the context of your preferred and habitual related-style, there are strong narratives, roles and influence, which you are not be aware of. You may be aware of some - but never all. For many this includes a tendency to be more the “pleasure giver” than the “pleasure receiver”. Further, when we explore our erotic process as part of our sexual practise, there are other factors at play. For one, there is a tendency to be influenced by a masculine-oriented template that focuses on genitals and orgasm. How do we slow things down? When is there time for just you? My work provides a safe space for you to explore your own sense of pleasure - where and how you like to be touched? - your relationship with your arse? - your ability to ask for what you want? As a practitioner, my training and experience allows me to be engaged and involved in these most intimate moments, while also remaining awake to my client’s process and how to help him expand his ability to notice and breath into full-body pleasure. These skills and experiences can enhance your erotic sense of self - and bring much pleasure and delight to your sexual experience with others.


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