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Shamanic Erotic Experience

S hamanic E rotic E xperience

Seeing Beyond Sight
Believing Beyond Dogma
Knowing Beyond the Mind

Drumbeat meets Heartbeat meets Breathwork to Light the Fire of Arousal and the Rhythm of Eros to access the Lifeforce and pulsate the ancient lineage of wisdom lying dormant in your body.
To connect with nature and your natural energetic tendencies of movement and sound.
To awaken the ā€œIā€ that is Infinite and to melt into the Nothingness which is your greater Truth.
Fly Eagle Fly.

Let me guide you through a shamanic erotic journey, in which we will engage touch, breathwork, awareness, sound and movement to navigate the depth of your erotic essence, explore the edges of your identity, and dive into the mysterious void where insight, clarity and vitality may be awakened. We can also work towards developing strategies which can support taking your erotic experience to new peaks of pleasure.

I have been working in the area of male sexuality and bodywork for many years, in the context of Sexological Bodywork, Body Electric and Process-oriented Psychology.
My work is:
Intuitive - informed by the energy of the moment and needs of the client
Shamanic -  connected to nature, guided by Great Spirit and linked to an indigenous spirtual lineage
Tantric - working with erotic energy as a spiritual practise which works with touch, breathwork, awareness, sound and movement.
Body Electric - focuses on Taoist Erotic Massage which is a full body exploration of your erotic process.
Sexological Bodywork - developed by Dr. Joseph Kramer in California to provide a safe space to address concerns and curiosity you may have in relation to sex.
Psychotherapeutic - following the teachings of Dr. Arnold Mindell who developed Process Oriented Psychology which embraces an open-hearted curiosity to deepening awareness of the body/mind/spirit continuum.
Narrative Therapy - which values the presenting stories we tell, as well as exploring alternative narratives which may prove helpful.

90 minutes: $120
Fees negotiable

Straight/ Gay/ Bi/ Trans/ Curious - All Welcome
Discrete Randwick/Coogee Location - Shower Available


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