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Self Pleasure in the Shower

Self-pleasure in the shower. Many of us trained ourselves to approach our self-pleasuring with a minimum of movement, a minimum of sound, a minimum of sensation and a single goal in mind. We can never practise the nurturing stimulating act of touch too much. It will help our own well-being and the well-being of anyone else we happen to touch. When you are next showering youself, notice that it generalised has a strong ritualised component of getting the soap around your body - often very goal oriented, while also somewhat robotic in its rhythms and disciplined choreography. 
A change happens when we move into this as a self-pleasuring exercise, in which we want to engage touch, breath, awareness, sound and movement. Experiment with differing pressures. Soap up, but then put the soap down and enjoy the touch as you slither your hand around your body, maybe you can add a little movement, or a groan of delight. It is useful to integrate your breathing with the flow of your caress. Remember to include your genitals but not focus on them in “the time-honoured way”. However, there are times when it can be good to engage in arousal - but then work to move that energy around the body, especially up from the pelvis to the heart. Initially, there is often resistance. We are aiming to meet with our resilient edge of resistance and see where movement is possible. The breath is a wonderful mechanism for breathing through seeming limitation…..and then a souind….aaaah.
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