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Men Power & Control

We know what we know - and We know what we don’t know - but We don’t know, what we don’t know.
One of the things many men don’t understand is that menfolk have been programmed and culturally oriented towards two strong tendencies - Being in Control and Fixing Things. If men are not in control, then we are often working towards that goal. When we see, hear, feel there is a problem, we generally have a ready-made solution at hand. This is useful when building a house or going to battle - but it can get in the way when we are seeking to embrace our vulnerability. The men’s movement is moving in this direction….but there is a hitch. The predeliction to fixing things, can lead to posturing emotionality, which is more a subtle tactic to maintain control. Then, when challenged to be vulnerable, men can reply - “but I am” - and they find themselves back in control, another problem fixed/solved….NEXT! This is an insidious double-bind which infuriates others and entangles men in a deceptive web, in which there are no loose threads to unravel - until sometimes the whole ball of wool unravels in a hideous mess - and the man says,” What did I do?”.....


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