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It is believed that homo sapiens, the species of human being which we belong to, came into being around 100,000 years ago.  The Big Bang was 13.8 billion years ago. WIthout doing the math, there was a long long time when walking, talking, thinking breathing beings did not exist. Life first emerged as single-cell plants, and we are the product of an evolutionary process which has gone on over millenia. However, it must be said, that there is a direct line which connects us to, for example, trees. If we follow the law of physics which states that “energy can not be created or destroyed”. That is to say, we re not simple descended from apes, but also from trees, and single-cell organisms. In this context, we are remarkably sophisticated apparatus. It is indeed, awesome to imagine that we are the product of 13 billion years of evolution. It is worth stopping right now, and taking a breath, and exhaling to deepen your sense of the extraordinary gift that has been bequeathed to each of us - the experience of being a human being, being, being. The experience of having a body to experience Presence - the consciousness and ability to reflect on our experience. Not only do we exist, but we know we exist. 

There is a story of a beach filled with pebbles. And one day, someone walks along that beach, and picks up a pebble and throws it into the air. From that great height, the pebble looks down and sees what pebbles look like. He has a satori ( moment of insight) where he is awakened to an aspect of the truth of his existence. I step toward answering the magickal koan, “Who am I? In a moment, the pebble is returned to join the other pebbles on the beach. But this pebble is now forever changed. To use the shamanic context, its assemblage point has changed - the perspective from which it views the world has shifted, expanded. The pebble has made a step towards consciousness and self actualisation. Ho!

How can we mirror this process, when we consider our relationship with our own bodies?


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