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Beyond bravado: Learning more about sex

You are so hot!
That was amazing!
You know what to do!

But sometimes, we don’t feel so hot, or amazing, or that we know what we are doing…
As Pamela Stevenson-Connolly remarks, “Despite the commonly held myth that suggests the opposite, making love does not come easily and spontaneously. Rather it is something we have to learn.” (Sex Life, p3).

Taoist Erotic Massage is an excellent introduction to my work, as it allows you the opportunity to explore your own relationship with touch and arousal in a safe and supportive context. Freed from the complexity of “real-time” sex, you become more able to notice what is true for you and your body’s experience of each moment. New awareness provides you with new tools and skills to get better at sex.

My work provides a space to talk about sex, and explore ways to address some of the challenges along the way: lack of orgasmic control, impotence, lack of interest, performance anxiety, communication issues, the art of touch, erotic styles, abuse & trauma, porn and drug use, self-pleasure, gender issues, conscious kink.

WIth training and experience as a Psychotherapist and Sexological Bodywork Coach, we can create a pathway which makes space for talk and touch. An important component of my work is developing Embodiment and Presence - an increasing ability to “turn up” to your own experience. I value the Tantric Principles of Touch, Breathwork, Awareness, Movement and Sound. As Michel Foucault reminds us, “Knowledge is Power”. And the Temple at Delphi proclaimed, Know Thyself.

Come on a journey of discovery…Become more yourself, More available to other, More open to new possibilities.


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