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3 phases of Touch

There are three phases to consider in relation to the subject of touch.
1) The Intention to Touch
Before we touch someone, we should try and notice that first impulse to touch. What is your intention? to give or receive pleasure or perhaps a combination of both. What is your purpose? Are there verbal or non verball queues to support your intention? Are we or the subject of our touch feeling, warm, open, loving, caring….or whatever.
2) Moving towards touch
As you move towards making contact with another, if can be useful to coordinate this with your breath. Moving primarily on the out breath can be helpful - without getting bogged down in technicality.
3) Actually touching should be an organic settling from the previous phase - rather like a bird landing on a lake - softly, gently, with sensitivity to the point of touch and all the energies behind that point which support the process.

It can be truly delicious for both giver and receiver - You can tingle from head to toe.
Maintain the breathing and explore with mindfulness.


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