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About me

I was interested in sex from an early age, and grew up in a relatively sex positive home where nudity was common and conversations about sex were available. My early sexual expression was gay. I later married a women for a couple of years, after which I returned to my gay lifestyle.

I became involved with Body Electric which was developed by Dr. Joseph Kramer. It began with a weekend workshop where I learnt the Taoist Erotic Massage. I did several of these workshops, sometimes in a support role.

I later gained the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork from the Institute of Sexology. This is an extension of Joseph’s work, which allows practitioners to work both one-on-one and in groups to go more deeply into exploring our erotic processes. 

I find myself to be more gender fluid and erotically vague, realising that we have such limited language to describe the subtle and varied elements of the sensations and impulses which make up our erotic character.

I have trained in a range of psychotherapeutic. While I do not work as a psychotherapist in this context, my work is informed by the nature of the various trainings, teachings and life experience, which have shaped who I am

Shamanic principles have woven there way into my work, in that they link the cycles of my experience to nature and totem animals as well as ancient ancestral narratives. I also value the Taoist approach, which aims to follow life’s unfolding, rather like following nature - knowing that there are calm patches, and rugged terrains, thunderous waves and still ponds - and our task is to navigate the changing landscape with increasing grace and poise.

Three aspects to learning which I value are these: a willingness to learn, the ability to learn, and the good fortune of finding good teachers. I am full of gratitude for the opportunities which have come my way to engage with the best.

I love my body and the range of sensations, experiences and meaning-making processes which it provides. I enjoy dance, primarily involved with 5 Rhythms, created by Gabriel Roth in New York. I delight in the bristling vitality of my erotic energy and the multi-dimensional aspects of its unfolding.

I find the cosmos an extraordinary place of mystery. It is so vast, beyond comprehension. However, it provides a glorious canvas on which to explore my relationship with mystery and that which is greater than me. It will surely entertain me until, the “I” in me is no longer.

I love my work and the emergent area of healing which is being developed in the area of Erotic Vitatity.