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Relax and enjoy a Full Body Sensual Experience to Heighten your Erotic Pleasure

A treat to satisfy your bodily sensation and awaken your delight into the New Year

Individual: Expand your Erotic Landscape - Move beyond Habitual Patterns
Couples: Spice up your Sex Life
Masseur or Sex Worker: Learn skills to bring more Client Satisfaction


I.    Sensuous Full Body Massage

Relax, Arouse and Expand your Erotic Horizons….a Healing Pleasure Zone.
                                  Deep Relaxation
                                  Full Body Pleasure
                                  Breathwork techniques that strengthen your ability to experience erotic energy
                                  Develop the ability to maintain arousal for longer
                                  Sexual Healing

II.  Blindfolds, Restraint & Edging

Move beyond the known in deep surrender….Safe Sane Consensual
                                  Surrender to full body relaxation
                                  Strengthen your ability to explore your erotic vitality
                                  Build your Erotic energy
                                  Move beyond your limitations
                                  Awaken to full body sensation

              in a safe, supportive and shame-free culture of openness, learning, creativity and adventure”

            “Calling the sacred into your relationship with your body and your erotic process.”

            “Sex should be a symphony, not a one-note samba” - Joseph Kramer (founder of Body Electric)

In Greco-Roman times the youth would align with an older teacher to learn sacred arts of erotic awakening.
Indigenous Cultures often ritualised a practice of Uncles & Aunts teaching younger folk in sexual technique.
Without these rites of passage, men are often informed by PORN and BRAVADO,creating a false sense of what our erotic process can offer,
Our bodies become programmed for habitual patterns of behaviour linked to a narrative of:  COCK>>>AROUSAL>>>ORGASM - leaving little room for to expand our sense of possibility, satisfaction and fulfilment.

This approach uses pleasure to support healing, wholeness and heightened erotic experience

When people think of TANTRA, they often dream of engaging in hot sex. But TANTRA is a spiritual discipline. It is grounded in principles of

Touch, Breathwork & Awareness

“Most men would prefer to learn a new technical skill at work, than improve their sexual skills in bed… Emotional and sexual depth is the weak link in most men’s lives.” - Finding God Through Sex, David Deida

My many years of training and experience include: Body Electric & Sexological Bodywork (Josef Kramer), Shamanic Initiation, Mindfulness, Urban Tantra (Barbara Carellas), Wheel of Consent ( Betty Martin), Psychotherapy, Swedish & Intuitive Massage (Naturecare), Tarot, and many other bodywork practices.

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....some great exercises and concepts that can improve your sex life.

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Available daytime evening and weekends

Online and in person - Randwick, Sydney.

“Our birthright is to experience satisfying fulfilling sexual pleasure. However, there can be an array of challenges and limitations which reduce our ability to access these states. This work has developed from many years experience across a range of therapeutic, bodywork, psychotherapeutic and sexological modalities. My intention is to create a safe and supportive space for you to engage in your own relationship with your body, your erotic process and the aspects of this process which are calling for attention and healing.” - Brett

A safe space for men to learn and explore your relationship with your own body and your erotic process.
Open to men of ALL sexual orientation. The more you know your own body, the more you can expand your erotic experience, leading to greater satisfaction and fulfilment.

Taoist Erotic Massage: 60 MIN: $90   90 MIN: $120

Full-body Sensuous Massage inviting you to work with the elements of Touch, Breathwork and Awareness as an introduction to this approach to Erotic Vitality.

Blindfolds, Restraints & Edging: 90 min only: $120

Surrendering power through Blindfolds & Restraints can lead to a deep level of relaxation, while experiencing heightened sense of vitality and aliveness.
Safe, Sane & Consensual so you will not be required to endure anything that doesn’t feel right for you.

Personalised Program:

You may be curious or interested to explore more deeply:
a) Specific learning goals - e.g. impotence or low libido
b) Addressing porn use or sexually compulsive behaviour - e.g. Hook up Apps
c) Awaken to a spiritual relationship with your erotic process
d) Relationship issues
e) Body image, Self-esteem, Shame.
f) Moving beyond the “piston-stroke” of self-pleasuring

Sessions available Daytime, Evening & Weekends

Book NOW: Call Brett on 0490126497

TWO CORE PRINCIPLES: Embodiment & Presence


It is sometimes hard to realise that we are often unaware of sensations in the body. Awakening to these signals can bring more relaxation and pleasure to our somatic experience


Tuning into the present, helps us move beyond fantasies and expectations which inhibit the power and delight of the present moment.

THREE ELEMENTS: Touch, Breathwork , Awareness


Using touch to assist in noticing more about your body, sensations and pleasure towards realising that it operates as a flowing, integrated, energetic, erotic powerhouse.


The more you breath, the more you can feel:  physically, emotionally & erotically. I teach two techniques which can support more embodiment and presence, as well as expanding the energetic flow throughout the body.)


Developing a curiosity about sensations and experience taking place in the body, can support a more powerful erotic process, awakening vitality, relaxation, satisfaction and fulfilment.


“Wow. I am still feeling the buzz two days later. You are very skilled” - Peter 42

“I felt light, almost as if I wasn’t there” - Ahmed, 33

“Very professional set up and I felt really relaxed by the end of the session” Steve 35

“I felt tingling all over my body…like electricity” - Craig 42

“I was surprised how much I liked the Blindfolds & Restraints and how good it was to not have to do anything” - Peter 27

“I always get a great night’s sleep after my session” - Simon 33

“I found you very intuitive and observant and you allowed me the space to relax and take on the instructions.
Your approach was both gentle and sensitive yet firm and clear, which I was happy to follow.” - Greg 48

“Brett has a nice touch, I could feel muscles relaxing with my breathing. And it was a really pleasant experience” -  David 62

My approach to self pleasuring has become more conscious and much more heightened encompassing the whole body. I feel more excited for longer after each time with myself and with a partner.”  - Peter, 37

“I worked with Brett over a 3 week period to engage with and acknowledge my erotic, physical, sexual and emotional bodies. His professional, engaging style of teaching enabled me to experiment and experience feelings, thoughts and reactions that I was never aware of.  The “homework” enabled me to put into practice things that he showed me and discussed with me during the “face to face” sessions and the email follow up after each “homework” session was especially helpful. I felt completely at ease with Brett during the “face to face” sessions and found his hands-on technique extremely good.  I would recommend Brett’s teachings to any man who is looking to improve his sexual and erotic vitality and to be more fully aware and engaged in day to day life.”  - Darrell, 52

“He has an innate ability to read you and find things that you didn’t know about yourself.” - Greg 26

“He challenged me deeply and led me to the many doors of my existence, asked me to knock, dispelled trepidation and walked over the threshold with me into exciting and unknown spaces.” Gavin 30

Brett created a safe, playful and curious environment. You’re in good hands with Brett as he is non judgemental, calm, reassuring and nurturing.” - Graham 55

“I didn’t think I could love myself anymore- turns out I was wrong. Brett allowed me to explore self loving and I came away with greater confidence and a good dose of self love.”  -  Terry, 29


PATRIARCHY is a cultural system which assigns power, privilege, entitlement and access to resources to men. It also ascribes a sense of responsibility which often expresses as a default around CONTROL and FIXING. These can feel good when applied to our erotic experience - but they are very limiting, and often have a diminishing impact on our experience of pleasure, satisfaction and fulfilment. They also drastically reduce the framework through which we relate to others.

SHAME emerges through sex-negative and body-negative narratives which are pervasive in our culture, but may be amplified by aspects of our personal experience. All of us have experienced moments when we felt scared, and unable to affirm our rights to be, express and create. These traumatic geslalt moments often remain physically trapped in the physiognomy of our body structure and/or in the beliefs and meaning-making systems that shape the lens through which we interpret experience. Working through the somatic structure ( the body) can be profoundly liberating.

PORN USE: Many men use pornography, which has many benefits to enhance erotic experience and many problems:
i) Tendency to be focused on the image, neglecting an engaged relationship with your own body
ii) Exaggerated, unrealistic expectations based on habitual porn use.
iii)Can become dependent on specific erotic narratives/images/scenes to achieve orgasm.

This work can assist in finding a way to integrate porn in more fulfilling ways for you and your partner(s)

Check out this link to related work by Moshe Weizman

PHOTO: Brett working with a client