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The Work

My work is somewhat eclectic and spans such a range of disciplines that it is hard to classify. Certainly the breadth of knoweldge and experience across body, mind and spiritual aspects of our development, are perhaps unrivalled.
It is a unique service.

Sexological Bodywork Coaching - Institute of Sexology
Taoist Erotic Massage
Swedish Massage - Naturecare
5 Rhythms Dance Meditation
Shamanic Erotic Xploration
Somatic Psychotherapy
Bach Flower Remedies

Process-oriented Psychology
Narrative Therapy
Gestalt Therapy

Vipassana Meditation - 10-day silent retreat
A variety of meditation practises including; tratac (candle), walking, mindfulness, breath.
Shamanism - the notion of life as a Quest, animal totems, and death walk.
Taoist Philosophy, connecting to nature
Jewish Kabbalistic teachings.

In choosing to engage with this work, there are a variety of entry points, related to differing aspects of interest and curiosity.

One off:
Some like to experience a session to decide whether they are interested to go more deeply into this area of learning and personal development.

Taoist Erotic Massage incorporates the Tantric principles of Touch, Breathwork & Awareness - as well as possibly including Sound & Movement. 

Shamanic Erotic Xploration establishes a more spiritual framework, calling forth ancestors, working with medicine drum and more intuitive in its approach to what may present and where the session leads us.

Conscious Kink expands the framework to include elements such as restraints, blindfold, flogging and edging. Our work is framed by the motto: Safe, Sane & Consensual. The intention remains one of personal discovery and moving beyond limits into an expanded sense of self, as well as increased sense of satisfaction, fulfilment and wellbeing.

Mulitple sessions:
A series of sessions provides the opportunity to engage more fully and experience the ways this work can benefit not only your sexlife, but also provide insight and strategies to address many aspects of life’s unfolding

My main practise works in 3 or 10 session blocks, where we can work with Talk & Touch to explore matters which are important to you - your sense of self, erotic vitality, value, respect and the satisfaction and fulfilment that may seem a little out of reach.

Who is this for?

Gay, Straight, Bi, Transgendered, Curious, Couples


Keen to get Better at Sex
Want to know more about Touch, Breathwork and Awareness Practise
Following up on some reading, research or experience you have had
Been to Body Electric courses or similar and want to explore further
Seeking guidance with self-pleasuring
You are Transgendered and seek a safe space to explore your shifting erotic experience
Healing trauma & abuse issues


Have problems with Erectile function,Orgasm Control,  or lack of libido
Wonder if level of sex may be compulsive and/or problematic
Use of porn is either becoming unmanageable or affecting experience of intimacy with others
Sexlife has become either “pedestrian”  or non-existant
Relationship issues


Is there more to sex than what your getting?
What is all the hype about Tantra?
What are multiple orgasms and how can I experience them?
Is there be a difference between ejaculation and orgasm?
What is a full body orgasm?
Seeking a safe space to explore anal arousal
Interested in exploring Conscious Kink

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