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 “I immediately felt at ease with him. I trusted him and I felt safe.” – Simon, 35

“By the end of the session my body was tingling all over - like electricity. ” - Adam 38

“It was so good to be able to learn from someone who has so much knowledge and understanding. I learnt a lot about myself.” - David, 62

“I had never been able to talk about sex and intimacy with someone like this before. It was a relief to get here.” - Simon 32

“It was amazing to feel relaxed and turned on, without feeling a need to orgasm.” – Stuart, 45

“I could talk about anything, without being judged. It was good to work on something specific and I was glad to find things I could do that really made a difference to my sexllife.” Paul, 28

INTRO session : 50 minutes - $50
An opportunity to meet and discuss your needs in relation to my approach and see whether this style could form a helpful strategy to address your areas of interest, curiosity or concern

Taoist Erotic Massage

60 or 90 minutes

While most of my work is done in the context of a block of session, this massage is available as a one-off, to introduce you to my approach and the embodied experience of this work. This modality was developed by Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle.

It is a full body sensuous massage, which incorporates the Tantric Principles of touch, breathwork, awareness, sound and movement. You are encouraged to work primarily with breath techniques and mindfulness practise to track sensations in the body.

A full-body experience designed to awaken your sensory awareness while encouraging a range of practises to take your bodywork session to new levels of pleasure and relaxation. An invitation to work with touch, breathwork and awareness will amplify the specialist techniques I bring to your session. Some experience deep relaxation, like floating on a cloud - others feel tingling or electricity throughout their body, and some feel more alert and alive.

Straight Gay Couples Bi Trans Curious - All Welcome
Randwick studio


I am open to discussing payment options.

60 minute session - $90
90 minute session - $120

3 x 90 minute sessions - $330* save $30

10 x 90 minute sessions - $1100* save $100
* paid in full in advance

Sexological Bodywork Coaching

Everyone can learn more about having better sex. Some notice particular behaviours or aspects of their sexilfe which are cause for concern.Some want to know more about Erotic Vitality.

When you realise that there is an aspect of your erotic wellbeing that is calling for attention, then it is necessary to invest and commit to a more engaging practise.

There are options to pursue both therapeutic modalities, as well as body-oriented approached to well-being. Once we establish an area of interest, curiosity or concern, we can clarify a Learning Objective - and frame a strategy to support your sexploration and development.

I encourage clients to do some homework, which makes the sessions even more effective. This often includes self-sexploration, journalling or a range of activities, which may emerge from our session time. They are, of course, optional.


I am open to discussing payment options, for those less able to afford the fees.

3 x 90 minute sessions - $330* save $30

10 x 90 minute sessions - $1200* save $100
* paid in full in advance

Community access

I encourage you to talk with me, if finance is the barrier to your engagement with this work.