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Tribal Erotic Trance Dance Ritual for Men

Sunday 20 March 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Tribal Erotic Trance Dance
Ritual for Men
for Men
    Redfern (address provided on registration)

A dynamic movement-oriented celebration using high-energy music to embrace tantric principles of breathwork, self-touch, awareness, sound and movement.

The healing value of “men’s business” has all but vanished from our culture. Move into ritual space to explore your relationshp with your own body, in the context of erotic vitality.

A clothes-optional space, conducted with blindfold and without interaction with others.

Straight/Gay/Bi/Curious Men all welcome

Facilitator: Kimbo
Trained in a range of somatic (body-oriented) healing modalities - both therapeutic (massage/bodywork) and psychotherapeutic (Narrative, Process work, Hakomi). Currently provides Sexological Bodywork Coaching in Sydney. This ritual has been presented at the Naked Man Weekender and Northern Rivers.

What to bring:  water bottle, towel & yoga mat (optional).
Wear loose clothing.

Pre-registration required : Limited spaces - Fee : $20
kimbosydney@gmail.com     0490126497   www.dragonflysydney.com


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